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Prozis UK: Protein Snacks Review

prozis UK protein snacks review

These past weeks I’ve been keeping my sweet tooth happy with Prozis UK protein goodies! As they have a massive range of snacks I thought I would share my honest opinion on the Prozis snacks and other bits I’ve tried so far.

Who Are Prozis UK?

Prozis are one of the biggest sports nutrition online stores across Europe. From supplements to protein snacks, accessories and even clothing, they have everything and anything you need to fuel your fitness journey.

I haven’t tried their clothing yet but I’m on my way to becoming a Prozis UK snack expert! They always have a site discount code that saves you some money, otherwise the code CHLOE gives you 10% off your order 🙂

Prozis Snacks Review

Prozis Zero Bar: 9/10

The Zero Bar in Peanut Butter flavour is one of my favourite out of all the snacks I tried. It has the perfect texture, a little bit gooey but with some crunchy bits, and has a strong peanut butter taste. It’s even better if you heat it up in the microwave for 20sec and let it slightly melt.

Macros: 143 calories // 14g protein //9.2g carb//5.6g fat

prozis UK protein snacks review

Prozis Zero Cookie: 7/10

The chocolate chip cookie dough flavour is amazing. The cookie&cream and chocolate brownie versions are good. You might be disappointed with the other flavours. I had high hopes for the white chocolate and raspberry version but in all honesty you can’t tell there’s white chocolate in it.
Like a lot of protein cookies the consistency is pretty chewy but if you like it give these Prozis goodies a go! Plus, macros are ridiculously good.

Macros: 188 calories // 21.6g protein // 7.2g carb // 5.3g fat

prozis UK protein snacks review

Prozis Diet Bar: 5/10

I tried every Diet Bar flavour and the only ones I honestly liked were Cinnamon Roll and Banana Muffin. The other ones taste too much like artificial sweetener. But if you’re looking for a low-calorie bar more appetising than your average diet snack then give it a try.

Macros: 106 calories //13.6g protein // 2g carb //3g fat

Prozis Protein Pudding: 10/10

The chocolate protein pudding is just glorious. It tastes incredible, has a super smooth texture and macros are unbeatable. If I knew I would have ordered a lot more because I finished them all in two days. Next time I’ll stock up and I’ll also try the vanilla version.

Macros: 103cal // 15g protein // 2.4g carb // 2.8g fat

prozis UK protein snacks review

Organic Peanut Butter: 10/10

Ok it’s technically not a snack in itself but PB on toast is the best post-workout pick me up!  I got the smooth one which has an amazing taste and consistency. You can also get Prozis non-organic peanut butter which is cheaper, as well as some slightly naughty versions like Caramel Peanut Butter, White Chocolate or even Cinnamon Roll.

prozis UK protein snacks review

What is your protein snack of choice? 🙂


I had the opportunity to collaborate with Prozis however my reviews are truly honest and I would never promote something I don’t recommend. If you shop through this article I may earn a small commission (no extra cost for you) so thank you so much 🙂

17 thoughts on “Prozis UK: Protein Snacks Review

  1. Jess

    Nice review. I appreciate your honesty about the taste and texture of the products. Almost everyone will say it is ALL good and havent really tried it or are not being honest.

  2. Dalene Ekirapa

    Protein supplements are so good for those who do sports and gym. And I think I’d love protein snacks than protein pills. These looks yummy and easier to munch.

  3. Jessica Lynn Martin

    These protein snacks look really good. We have a lot of similar protein snacks here in the US. My favorite right now is one called RX Bar and it comes in different flavors. It is similar to the Prozis Zero Cookies. What I love about this brand is that they make a protein pudding. I have not seen any of the companies that we have here in the US come out with a protein pudding.

  4. Sabrina barbante

    I don’t know about proteins but the DO look very yummy! As a vegetarian that hardly remembers to eat (sometimes) I might become a super fun!

  5. Monidipa Dutta

    It looks like satisfying a sweet tooth and also with Good macros and low-calorie snack to have when in a hurry

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t usually have protein bars with me but these look absolutely delicious. That’s a great review.

  7. Karla

    I haven’t tried Prozis but your review makes me wanna grab some. Thanks for the honest review. Is it available in other countries too?

  8. Lyosha

    Nice review! I am not a big fan of protein snacks, I often find it not tasty enough and try to make it myself at home so have better control of contents. however it is a great option for trips.

  9. Elizabeth O

    these look absolutely delicious. sound very tasty. thanks for sharing this healthy snacks.

  10. Gene Rose

    As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. It’s great that you’re keen with what you’re putting inside your body. And these product seem great workout food.

  11. Di Hickman

    Ooooh these look good! Especially the snack bar. Do you know if they are vegan? Are they going to be available in the USA?

  12. Chloe

    Hey Karla, yes they ship to pretty much every country! 🙂

  13. Chloe

    They ship to the US 🙂 These snacks are not Vegan but Prozis have a Vegan range!

  14. Gill Trotman

    Great Reviews! For my protein intake I have a go to brand called ONNIT where they have many different protein supplements and supply just what my body type needs. The vanilla powder for shakes is my favorite!

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