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Smith Machine Exercises to Set Your Legs and Glutes on Fire

smith machine exercises for legs and glutes

Many leg exercises have their Smith machine variation. Here are the most effective Smith machine exercises that will make your legs and glutes feel the burn.

Smith Machine exercises are your best alternative when it’s leg day and the squat racks and leg machines are being used. Or if you’re on a time crunch and want a quick but efficient session then just stick to the Smith machine. This way you don’t have to move around the gym.

I often do my good old leg and glute workout but sometimes I include a few Smith machine exercises to mix things up.

5 Leg & Booty-Toning Smith Machine Exercises

Make sure to bring a barbell pad with you for some exercises.


Smith machine squats can make you feel more tension in your quads. This is because you’re not leaning forward as much as when performing barbell squats. Smith machine squats can’t really be used to improve your barbell squats but they’re a great quad strengthening exercise as you’re able to lift heavier.
I like to perform my first two sets with a resistance band just to feel the burn a bit more.

smith machine exercises for legs and glutes


Personally, Romanian deadlifts are the deadlift variation that target my hamstrings the most. There’s nothing wrong with barbell deadlifts but using a Smith machine can help you increase the weight. Always maintain a slight bend in the knees, keep your back straight and don’t lower the bar all the way to the floor.


Smith machine lunges mainly target your quads especially with a small split stance. However if you want to focus on your hamstrings and glutes all you need to do is take a large split stance and push through your heels to get back up.
You can also do curtsy lunges. 
smith machine exercises for legs and glutes

Donkey kicks

You can use ankle weights for this exercise or put a dumbbell in the crease of your knee (not the best option for stability) or you can just make your life easier and use the Smith machine. You can add as much weight as you need to really feel the burn.

smith machine exercises for legs and glutes


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20 thoughts on “Smith Machine Exercises to Set Your Legs and Glutes on Fire

  1. Alice Ainsworth

    I’ve been really wanting to get into the gym but have no idea what I should be doing exercise wise when I get there. This is sooo helpful for that thank you!!

  2. Christa

    I’ve never done donkey kicks on a Smith machine! Looking forward to my next leg day so I can try them!

  3. Rhian westbury

    I always see this machine in the gym and I’m usually a bit too unsure to use it, especially when there’s people around looking. But these look like good exercises to do with it x

  4. Gervin Khan

    Honestly, I am a not a well exercise person and this is great post that can be my reference. I would definitely try this and condition my legs on this kind of exercise.

  5. Elle

    This post is truly inspirational. The Smith Machine looks like it will provide a person with an incredible workout.

  6. Monidipa Dutta

    Strong glute muscles are extremely important as these muscles can have a major impact on your overall body strength; your glutes support your core, help to support a range of exercises and compound movements, as well as help avoid muscle imbalances which can lead to decreased mobility.

  7. Kate

    Oh I need to start to do some exercises too it has been too long! Your pink outfit is awesome by the way!

  8. Clarice / Camping for Women

    This is really timely. I was advised by my instructor to work on my leg exercises and this is just perfect. It would be my first time to try these Donkey kicks. Thank you for the tips and the protein recipe. Appreciate it!

  9. Elizabeth O

    Thats look so great and its so nice to be fit and healthy. Good for you and you doing great keep it up.

  10. Kemi

    I’ve never lifted weights and if/when I do, I want something ideal for my weight class, which is svelte. I like the targeted areas and try to do similar with home floor exercises.

  11. Jelena

    I’m so jealous that you have the will to train at the gym. I trained a few years ago, and I love the gym! Unfortunately, with three children now I find it hard to find time for it.

  12. Linda Kasabian

    Mmmm I think I’m not yet at your level of training at the gym and I’m scared of try this alone there. Which kind of exercises or program for legs and booty would you recommend at the beginning?

  13. Chloe

    I would suggest to start with bodyweight squats/lunges etc then incorporate light weights and use the leg machines 🙂 It’s also good to book a session with a trainer to make sure your form is good

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