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Top 10 Things to Do in Israel

Best things to do in Israel

I recently spent a week in Israel and I can honestly say that this trip surpassed my expectations. Israel has so much to offer whether you’re into history, fitness, food, nature… If you’re intending to go there, don’t miss out on the best things to do in Israel.

Top 10 Things to Do in Israel

1/ Explore Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv basically means “Old New Land” and the city lives up to its name. The vibrant food scene, cultural diversity and unique night life blend in with the historical heritage like nowhere else.
You can easily spend a week in Tel Aviv walking around the different neighbourhoods. Don’t miss out on Jaffa (for the flea market and the picturesque streets) and Neve Tzedek which is the oldest and most charming district.

2/ Go to the beach
You have plenty of beaches to choose from along the Mediterranean coast. I only went to the Tel Aviv beaches which are incredibly beautiful. The water is clean and clear, the sand is soft and thin. Plus, the Tel Aviv promenade (perfect for a morning run or evening bike ride) and the outdoor gyms give the beach shore a certain “Californian vibe”.

Best things to do in Israel

3/ Float in the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is actually a lake known for being the “lowest place on earth” and the saltiest body of water. It is in fact 430 meters below sea level and has a salinity of almost 35%. Do not get water in your eyes! Just float and let your skin soak up the benefits of Dead Sea minerals.
If you’re staying in Tel Aviv the most convenient option is to book a day-tour like this Masada and Dead Sea tour. Definitely one of the best things to do in Israel.

Best things to do in Israel

4/ Eat your way through the holiday
Israel food scene offers endless options from local street food and specialties (you have to try the musabaha, the Israeli hummus) to Western-inspired fine dining. I haven’t tried all the restaurants I wanted to check out but I shared my 5 favourite foodie hot spots here.

5/ Enjoy the sunset
Head to the beach at the end of the day and watch the sun set on the sea at least once. Every beach sunset is beautiful but the Tel Aviv version is breathtaking.

Best things to do in Israel

6/ Break a swet
If you want to stay in shape and have a fit holiday, Tel Aviv is the place for you. There are countless fitness studios not to mention the outdoor gyms at the beach and other outdoor activities (beach volley, running, cycling, paddle-boarding…).
If there’s no fitness equipment at the place you’re staying at, they will most likely have a partnership with the closest gym where you’ll get a discount if you buy your pass via your hotel.

7/ Visit the Holy city
Jerusalem has been the place of numerous events in the three main religions and is now an incredible place of coexistence between different faiths. You can see historical places such as the Dome of the Rocks, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre or the Western Wall but also a modern shopping centre and cool street markets.
I would recommend to book a tour with someone to guide you through the different places. I would suggest to book the Jerusalem and Bethlehem Tour so that you can also visit the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.

Best things to do in Israel

8/ Do some beauty shopping
Several cosmetic brands such as Ahava develop products made of mud and minerals from the Dead Sea, which are supposed to do wonders for the hair and skin.
You can stop by the original Ahava factory to get yourself some skincare goodies. I went for the Mineral Mud Brightening and Hydrating Mask which is one of their best-sellers.

9/ Say hi to Elvis
You will come across the most unexpected place on your way to Jerusalem: the Elvis Diner. You can’t miss it was you’ll see a 16-foot statue of the King. This 1950s-style diner serves burgers, kebabs, pastries and drinks but the decor is more interesting than the menu. There isn’t an inch of this place (even the bathroom) that isn’t about Elvis. You can of course buy Elvis goodies and if you order a coffee you get to keep your Elvis mug.

Best things to do in Israel

10/ Visit another Unesco World Heritage Site
Jerusalem isn’t the only one. You can for instance visit the Masada Fortress, overlooking the Dead Sea. Admire the ruins of this incredibly sophisticated palace which became the refuge of the last survivors of the Jewish revolt against the Roman empire.
A short cable car ride gets you to the top but you can also hike up Masada if you don’t mind the heat.

Best things to do in Israel

There are much more things to do in Israel but these were definitely the highlights of my trip!

Have you ever been to Israel or planning to visit the country soon?

30 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to Do in Israel

  1. Daphne

    Thanks for showing these great pictures! And totally inspired me also to go to Israel, the dead sea is on my bucket list for a long time now!

  2. Monidipa Dutta

    Lovely list and Pictures. Israel really does have it all; the sun, the fun, the food, the historical sites. But there’s also a darker side to Israel that doesn’t get mentioned in those nice, shiny, little guidebooks.

  3. Jack Marbida

    Such a great overview of the world. Nice virtual travel to look at. The next time on your travel get us involved on your article again.

  4. Marjie Mare

    My mom went to Israel with her church and she had a great time. Your post makes me want to go there more than what she shared with me.

  5. Jay | Life of Creed

    Great photos! I need to add Israel to my travel bucket list. Plus, you had me at beach, lol. Beautiful things to see and the beach to relax. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Momsfy

    Out of all, I found floating in TheDead SEA as the most interesting and fun thing to do! This isn’t common to the other places of tourism. Though we really need to take care of the saline water, it would be a one of its own kind of experience.

  7. Melissa

    I don’t know why Israel has not been on my radar. It sounds absolutely incredible. Floating in the Dead Sea, trying out local beauty products, and eating street food? I’m sold!

  8. John Sallie

    I have never really considered visiting Isreal only because most tours seem to be about a religious pilgrimage and seeing as I am not religious, well. But you make a compelling argument that there is so much more to do and see.

  9. Jesusa Gilliam

    I love all these pictures! It would be awesome to visit the Holy City and the site from Unesco World Heritage is amazing.

  10. Karla

    Reading this made me wanna book a flight to Israel! I’ll definitely visit the holy place and the dead sea!

  11. Laura Dove

    Wow Israel sounds incredible! I’ve never considered visiting before but there seems to be so much to do!

  12. Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    I love all of the suggestions you provided. If I ever go to Israel, at the top of the list of all the things you mentioned, I’d like to do number 3. “Float in the Dead Sea.”

  13. Elizabeth O

    Israel through your lovely pictures looks amazing. I really like the look of the Elvis diner too I bet that was a great experience! Floating in the Dead Sea looks so peaceful too.

  14. mike ShugrHed

    The dead sea has always fascinated me. I heard that it was made of sea water that had no fresh water coming in. So, the water evaporates, leaving the salt behind.

  15. Sarah

    Some great ideas here. I’ve never really considered Tel Aviv before and certainly didn’t expect to find Elvis lol. Would love to see the Masada Fortress.

  16. Anonymous

    Great post, love the pics of you floating in the sea looking happy! Would love to visit Israel one day.

  17. Lisa

    I loved Israel when I visited, but want to see more of Tel Aviv. We went to one beach and loved the French European vibes there! Jerusalem is stunning too, and I’m glad we made the time to visit!

  18. myfarrahdise

    Looks like you’ve enjoyed your holiday. Israel is in my top 5 countries to visit and definitely I will float at the dead sea. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

  19. Brian

    Wow, I only spent 8 days and I’ve done the first seven. The dead sea was the most memorable for me.

  20. Anonymous

    It’s always been on my bucket list✔️
    Especially the dead Sea. I feel its overhyped.. But still wanna do it someday 😁

  21. Alexander Popkov

    I think in Israel, I would be trying to do three things: historical sites, food, and parties. 🙂 Nightlife there is kinda not famous, but my friends told it is good.

  22. Whitney Kutch

    Israel looks so wonderful! It’s always been on my bucket list – my dream is to go visit all the places that people from the Bible walked each and every day. Also, Israeli food is amazing!

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