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Top 5 Tricep Exercises for Women (Other than Triceps Dips)

top 5 tricep exercises for women

Tired of triceps dips? There are plenty of other tricep exercises for women! Here are my 5 favourite for toned arms.

How Often Should I Train Triceps?

Triceps are the group of muscles that keep the back of your arms nice and toned. Shaping your triceps is key to avoid those “bat-wings” or flabby arms.

One or two tricep sessions per week is enough to achieve toned arms. Just like any group of muscle, thye need to recover before you can hit them again.

Your muscle strength grows when you rest so don’t wear your poor triceps out. Even if you can’t wait to see them getting more toned and defined, overtraining won’t give faster results.

Top 5 Tricep Exercises for Women

The below exercises are my favourite! If you’re incorporating them in an arm session I would suggest to pick 2 or 3 exercises. If you’re doing a tricep-only session then you can perform these 5 exercises and do 3 sets of each. Don’t forget to squeeze your triceps!

For each movement, I perform 6 to 8 reps on the first set at the heaviest weight I can lift then I do 10 to 15 reps on the second and third set with a weight I’m comfortable with.

I like to train for an hour and this tricep workout takes me less than 30 minutes so I finish off with some cardio or I combine triceps and shoulders in one session.

My go-to tricep exercises for women:

You can see videos of these exercises here.

1. Cable push down. I love cable exercises and this one is my absolute favourite. You can use an angled bar or a rope. Keep your upper arms close to your torso and push the bar down. Hold the position and squeeze your triceps.
If you’re using a rope, hold the ends of the rope (just above the knots) then extend your arms and spread the rope out.

ROPE PUSH DOWN tricep exercises for women

2. Cable bent over tricep extension. Turn away from the pulley, bend over and put one foot in front of the other if it helps you stay stable. Hold the ends of the rope and extend your forearms in front of you (not above your head).

tricep exercises for women with cables

3. Overhead triceps extension with dumbbell. Keep your arms close to your ears as you bend your elbows behind your head. Engaging your abs will help you keep a straight back. I like to stand for this exercises but you can also sit on a bench.

tricep exercises for women with cables

4. Skull crusher. For some reason I used to find this exercise scary. Even the name sounds rather terrifying. If you’re not comfortable, ask someone to spot you and start with small weights. Lie on a bench and hold the barbell up over your head. Bend your elbows without moving your upper arms (and stop before crushing your forehead). Easy!

skull crushers - tricep exercises for women

5. Single arm kick back with dumbbells. Hold the weight in one hand and pull your elbow up to torso level. Extend your forearm behind you then lower it down. The key is to keep the upper arm against your body to really make your triceps work.

tricep kickback - tricep exercises for women

What are your favourite tricep exercises? Let me know in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 Tricep Exercises for Women (Other than Triceps Dips)

  1. Sonali Rath

    This is great info. Skull crusher is new for me though I am not a regular in the gym these days. We have a home gym now, hope to be a bit more active than before.

  2. Shaily

    Wow! These are really cool tricep exercises and great tips to keep them maintained. I love the cable push down exercise. That one has been my favourite. It’s been a while now I left exercising, but after reading your post, I’m truly motivated to start my work out again.

  3. Stephanie Eddy

    These are great exercises! I am always looking for better ways to work out!

  4. J

    Awesome! I’m going back to the gym after staying in Okinawa for a week. Reading your post gave inspiration and a new arm exercise. Thanks!

  5. Angelle

    You compiled some great tricep exercises. The cable extension and dumbbell exercises seem like they would be fantastic for building upper body strength and toning arms.

  6. Melissa

    Your triceps look amazing! I’m definitely going to refer to this at the gym. I used to do push-ups that worked my triceps. You have to place your hands in a triangle position while you are doing the push-up.

  7. Bushra

    The most amazing topic for me is exercise… I just love working out .. <3 Thanks for sharing.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. kim

    All great tricep exercise ideas! Currently I only work out at home and I do the ones mentioned without the machine regularly.

  9. Jennifer Prince

    Ug! My arms are starting to flab. I totally need to try these 5 moves out. And pronto, too!

  10. Dr. K. Lee Banks

    These are some excellent triceps exercises. I’m in the midst of restructuring my workout, and definitely need to do regular triceps exercises. I work out at home, so I depend on exercises like #3 and #5 that I can do with my dumbbells. I also have a workout chair that has wheels and pulleys on it, which sort of mimic some cable exercises.

  11. Anonymous

    I uw d to have tons of time to exercise before I had kids. Nowadays, not so much. Thanks for the tips though. Theyโ€™re great!

  12. Katrina

    Wow your a very fit young lady- I need to take some tips and get rid of my middle age Mummy flubber lol

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