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Exotic Protein Porridge Recipe for Oatmeal Lovers

exotic protein porridge recipe

Tired of plain oats? Try my new favourite protein porridge recipe: a sweet and crunchy protein brekkie full of exotic flavours and ready in just a few minutes!

Protein Porridge with an Exotic Twist

Protein porridge is my go-to breakfast. I usually add berries and chocolate protein to my oats. That was before going out for breakfast and ordering a super tasty coconut porridge. I loved the sweetness of the coconut and the exotic flavours.

Of course the next thing I wanted was to make a similar breakfast at home but a protein-packed version! Since I’ve made this recipe for the first time my boyfriend and I have stocked up on coconut milk. This exotic porridge is our new favourite breakfast to have after the gym.

Plus, I feel like the coconut milk (even low fat) makes a thicker mixture than the soy milk I normally use, so it’s even more filling. You can totally use full fat coconut milk but I find it quite heavy to digest.

I am using normal protein (TheWhey from Myprotein) but alternatively you can use Vegan protein for a vegan brekkie.

Toppings make this recipe even tastier. I love to add some crunchiness with dried exotic fruits (a coconut/papaya/mango/pineapple mix is perfect) and guilt-free, extra sweetness with the Sugar-Free Syrup from Myprotein. It is vegan in case you wonder!

Ingredients for 2 Servings

exotic protein porridge recipe

exotic protein porridge recipe

Exotic Protein Porridge Recipe: Ready in Less Than 10 Minutes

Start by pouring the coconut milk into a saucepan and warm it up for a few minutes.
Then add the oats and start stirring.

exotic protein porridge recipe
Add some water (depending on how thick you like your porridge).
Add the frozen mango and the protein powder into the saucepan and keep stirring for a few minutes.

When you’re happy with the consistency of the porridge, turn off the heat and pour it into bowls.
Last but not least: drizzle some syrup and sprinkle the dried fruits on the protein porridge.

Bon appétit 🙂

exotic protein porridge recipe

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14 thoughts on “Exotic Protein Porridge Recipe for Oatmeal Lovers

  1. Jennifer

    Wow, yum! I love proats myself but I love the one from Pop Sugar–three minute egg white proats. I got to try this exotic one!

  2. Jennifer L

    /Oh wow talk about yummy! Ive never thought of adding whey or mangos to my porridge but its sounds like a great way to add the nutrients we need in the morning.

  3. Cristina

    I haven’t had porridge in such a long time, I kind of miss it.
    Never thought of adding protein powder in it honestly…

  4. Chloe

    It makes the porridge a tiny bit thicker and helps getting enough protein in 🙂

  5. George

    You had me with the description only, my mouth was watering. This is one that will go on the list, thanx for sharing

  6. Nathan

    Just what the doctor ordered. This is a good way to have the protein with the oats. its more healthier option. I normally have my oats and the protein shake separately but guess this is what i will be trying tomo for brekky.

  7. Sreekar

    I love oatmeal and love experimenting with it too. Loved your simple recipe. Will try this over the weekend. thanks

  8. Jana

    You really made all that healthy stuff look great to eat! It seems really easy to make too!

  9. David Elliott

    I really need to add some more healthy recipes in my repertoire of food choices. I will have to try this one out. It sounds so delicious.

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