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Santorini Highlights : Foodie Diary

santorini restaurant

Kicking off the Santorini Highlights series with a foodie post.
Good meals and nice restaurants are part of the whole holiday experience, right? Food was definitely what we spent the most on during our short week in Santorini.
As I have quite a few things to say on the food topic I thought I would dedicate an entire post to my favourite Santorini restaurants.

Santorini Restaurants for Fine Dining

Santorini restaurant

Restaurants on the Caldera are a bit expensive for what they are as you kind of pay for the view. But holidays are also about enjoying a little luxury, aren’t they?
Remvi has to be on top of my list. Loved everything about it: the blue and white decor, the incredible view of the sunset and the meal of course. We chose the Grilled salmon with a glaze of honey and spices and it was definitely worth the money.

Santorini HighlightsWe also had ‘dinners with a view’ at To Briki and Rastoni. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the meals at all, but I don’t think I would have been there if they didn’t offer a prime view on the caldera.

Santorini Restaurants on a Budget

For a quick (and reasonably priced) lunch, Bayiatiko Food Bar was the go-to. Perfect for a pita or salad for less than 15€ for two. Even cheaper than the local McDonalds.
We didn’t have the view but we had the best value for money at Pelican Kipos. Enjoyed every bite of my fig and chicken salad bowl as well as the dessert on the house.

Santorini Highlights

Drinks and Sweet cravings

Talking about dessert, we spent a ridiculous amount of money on Greek froyo at ChillBox. It’s the first thing we had when we arrived and we were hooked. Two Froyo per day for the rest of the week. No regrets at all.
I like a fancy cocktail sometimes, especially on holiday. After reading about it on a travel blog, I booked a table at PK Cocktail Bar before flying home to watch one last Santorini sunset whilst sipping a watermelon daiquiri.

Santorini Highlights

Best breakfast picks

We could have tried more places but we enjoyed our first breakfast at Mama’s House and it became our spot. Plenty of egg breakfast options, pancakes and toasts  that are quite substantial so no need to order more than one item per person (unlike us the first time we went there). If you can’t choose between eggs and pancakes, ask for the Mama’s Special and you get both plus a coffee for less than 10€.
The only food place we went to outside of Thira was Mes Amis in Oia. A lovely cafe offering a great view and delicious breakfasts. I highly recommend the very instagramable honey-fruits-yogurt pancakes.

Santorini Highlights

Next in the Santorini Highlights series: exploring the island and some travel tips.

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